Are You Ready To Stand Out From All The Other Bail Bondsmen In Your City?

Local SEO

Bail Bondsman Marketing helps you to dominate your market. What’s this mean for you? You Can Get MORE New Customers… AND… Slash Your Advertisement Costs in HALF… Simply By Improving Your Online Presence Even Without a Website! Results In 30 Days Or Less… OR You Don’t Pay Again!

Google My Business Local

The Game has changed, Google + Local is the new local yellow pages. If you can not be found here you’re invisible to your customers. Don’t let your competition get all the bail bond business while you’re struggling to stay open. Let our exclusive process put you in front of more customers and get your phone ringing.

Local Display Ads

We help local bail bond businesses like yours reach more of their target customers by creating online advertising campaigns using our unique technology that allows us to hyper-target your best prospects within 10-15 miles of your business so you can reach the people most likely to buy from you today. Until now this has not be available for small businesses.

Adwords/Bing PPC Managment

With over 4 million dollars spent of our OWN money in the last 8 years, we stand out from the rest. Most PPC management companies test, tweak and experiment with YOUR cash. We use our own money. That way we can help you with the strategies and methods that are 100% proven… because we use them personally every day.

Website Design

Want the next generation website? We build your website so that it will move up the ranks. Our lead generation websites are second to none. Not only are they beautiful but they generate unmatched results. Don’t get stuck with a dinosaur. Get a website that’s built for the next 10 years…not the last 10.

Reputation Marketing!

You’ve worked hard to build your reputation, don’t let a few bad reviews destroy all your hard work. Reputation Marketing is all about getting you the Five star online status you deserve. Get our FREE report and find out what others are saying about your business online today.

Sometimes you have to SEE it to believe it.

Take a look at a few of the screenshots
showing actual placements below:

First Page Rankings NOW
Websites Designed and Marketed
Budget Spent On PPC
Money Earned From PPC
Work Done In-House
All-Time Client Success Rate

"Just checked ``BLOCKED OUT FOR PRIVACY`` on a fresh search and it has us as #1. You rock."

− Brian Cathey, Paralegal, Wiggins Norris Coffey, PA

"Trey, using you to help me place on the first page of Google has increased my business enough that I have had to add a new employee just to keep up with the workload. It is without exaggeration to say that you have been the best investment I’ve ever made. THANK YOU!"

− Antonio Martin, Athens Professional Septic

"Trey, let’s just say, we were at a loss for how to get more traffic to our business. At the time, we were spending $1800 a month on a yellow page ad. Did I mention we can only track TWO sales to that ad the entire year?
I knew what wasn’t working… but didn’t know what else could work. Now with your help, our website is #1 for our main service in Columbus… Our phone is ringing again and we just locked down a large contract with the local government… and it started with them finding us on Google."

− Brad Jordan, Jordan Roofing

"Trey, THANK YOU! In less than two weeks after working with you, I was on the front page of Google and then I got my first order today and it was enough money to pay for your services for the entire year. Look forward to a long relationship."

− Charmaine, C & C Janitorial

"One month ago, my website was non-existent on the internet. You would have had to look for me by name to locate me. Today I noticed I am #1 for the keywords that I wanted. Thank you Trey. You are the Google Guru."

− Edwin, Hammond Videos

Guaranteed Results OR You Don’t Pay

We are one of the few marketing agencies around who GUARANTEES Results.
What do we mean? IF you don’t climb in rankings by the next month, then you don’t pay anything more until you do. We’re old school. We believe in walking the talk! How’s that for putting your money where your mouth is?

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No Long Term Contracts

We HATE long contracts as much as you do. We know all the big media companies that lock you in for 6 to 12 months. What happens if you see no results? Short answer… They continue to take your hard earned money. We charge month to month. This way we can deliver and you can know if we don’t deliver, we don’t get paid. And guess what? We like getting paid. : )

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We ONLY Work With ONE Client

Unlike most marketing companies, we will only take one client per city per industry. We think its an integrity issue when we are guaranteeing you front page results and also guaranteeing your competitor at the same time. Many clients have allowed us to help them because of this and we win because we’re both loyal to each other.

Be The One Client

Your Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee

Tired of marketing agencies wanting you to sign 6 to 12 month contracts? At Bail Bondsman Marketing we are so confident in our results that we don’t ever tie you into contracts. We want you to have complete peace of mind so there are no contracts or agreements.

Results As Fast As ONE Hour

If you are wanting leads in the same day, then we can deliver using Google Adwords or Bing PPC. We’ve spent over 4 million of our own cash and we know what works… and just as important… what doesn’t. We have software that will show us the top keywords and ads of your main competition.

Proprietary Software

Our proprietary software can produce a mini-audit of your Adwords account within minutes to show you all the mistakes that you may be making with your Adwords Account. Just contact us today and we’ll run a report for FREE!

Mobile Websites For FREE

Some of the fastest ways we know to generate phone calls to your business is through our mobile websites. Don’t believe us? Let us build you one for FREE and test it for two weeks. IF your phone calls don’t increase then we’ll give it to you for FREE as a thank you. (Btw… we’ve never given one for free in 5 years)

Your Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee

Our Success Is Dependent On Your Success!Satisfaction-Guaranteed-sign

 Tired of marketing agencies wanting you to sign 6 to 12 month contracts? At Bail Bondsman Marketing, we are so confident in our results that we don’t ever tie you into contracts. We want you to have complete peace of mind so there are no contracts or agreements.

If you aren’t 100% SATISFIED with our services and results after 90 days we will work for free the next month!