BailbondsMarketing Case Study: I don’t believe you

Bail Bond Marketing Case Study: “I don’t believe you”

That’s pretty much what he was saying when we talked about generating calls from Google Adwords. I explained to him that I have several bail bond companies who are doing quite well with Adwords and he needed to test it out. I think my exact words were: Test me! Throw a little money at it and let’s see what happens.

I could hear in his voice. “I don’t believe you. I don’t think it will work. I’ve tried adwords with a big company before and they didn’t generate crap. What makes you think you’re any better?”

I understood. A lot of bail bond owners I talk to have been burned. Given promises that never come to pass. Hey… I’m an ex-cop. I know the “Bullshit” mentality. I know the “Show Me” attitude. 

So that night, I built the website on our platform. Got everything ready, turned it on and went to bed.

Google approved my “proven to work” Ad mid-morning.

I got busy and didn’t look at the results until around midnight.

Logged into Google Adwords and here is what I saw:


8 clicks to the website. Total cost $57.32. So it was time to head on over to the website and see if we received any calls. Here is what I knew. I knew we already had a winner. There is so much in this picture but one thing I will bring out. See where it reads: CTR  – That means click through rate. And it was at 10%. meaning 1 out of 10 people who searched for a bail bond company in their city, clicked our ad. Guess what a lot of companies are excited to hit- 1%… and here we are at 10%.

I also knew that the Cost Per Click was going to be the highest today than tomorrow… Continually it would go down. So even if we didn’t get any phone calls today, I wasn’t discouraged. Everything was looking good.

Let’s log into the back portal of the website:



I have to tell you my first reaction. A BIG smirk. Because I knew it was working. He had received 5 phone calls from 8 clicks!

But were they good calls or just a waste of his money?

Turns out 1 out of 5 was a sales call- You can see the beginning of the toll free number- 844 at the top. BUT the other four calls were legit.

4 calls- $57 dollars. What would it pay you IF you ONLY closed 50% of your calls?

If you haven’t tried adwords, put us to the test. And IF you are running adwords now but you are running it yourself or one of those big companies are running it for you and it isn’t even in your account. (Don’t get me started on that one) Then give us a call and put us to the test. Here is what I KNOW:

I’ll BEAT the ad you’re running EVERY TIME!  How am I so confident? Because I’ve spent over $4 million dollars to get a proven system for getting phone calls. Test me! Try It Out! And let’s see if you become a believer.

Guess who is a believer now?  Greg- greg