Free Adwords Audit Revealed Bail Bond Company Wasting $2846.15 On Clicks In The Last 30 Days

“Free Adwords Audit Revealed Bail Bond Company
Wasting $2846.15 On Dead Clicks… Just In The Last 30 Days”

Let me tell you about a free Google Adwords Audit I did for a potential bail bond client today. I combed through their account checking out things like: Campaigns and were they set up properly. Ad Rotation: Were they testing at least two ads against each other at all times?

Keywords: Do any of the Ad Groups have more than 50 keywords in them?

Devices: Do Any of the campaigns have more than one device enabled? Then this lead me to which device was giving them most of their clicks. This is where it caught my eye that most of their traffic was coming from mobile phones. Now, this in itself didn’t surprise me because I’ve watch the number of mobile phone searches increase until this last year in the USA, they have overtaken desktop searches.

Then I looked at their Ad Extensions. And THIS is where I found the issue.

Check it out:

Here is the last 30 days total spending:


So they have spent little over $4,000 in last 30 days.

How much of this was in mobile phones?


Almost all of it.

Then I noticed they were using Ad Extensions and I most of these clicks were from these extensions:


Then I test the links that these extensions were going to and this is the landing page:


That’s right. The site is down and has been down for over a month.

The bail bond company knew this and had changed their ads to the new website… BUT forgot to change the ad extension links. We understand. There are so many mistakes to be made by managing adwords… 

Total Cost For This Mistake: $2,846.15

But here is the scary part.

What if they didn’t take us up on the FREE Adwords Audit we are offering for a Limited Time? How long would this have gone on? Another month? Another 3 months?

Listen: IF you’re running your own adwords account or have someone in your office that manages it, then let us take a look into your account. Give us “reading” access only. Our goal isn’t to change anything for you but to show you the common mistakes we see EVERY day that is costing you money and not getting you any clients.

We have a 17 Step Checklist we go through.

We then send you a video and screenshots giving you suggestions and giving you the Top 5 actions we would work on immediately. We leave it up to you whether you want to make these changes or if you want us to help you.

I’m sure its not surprising to you that the above client hired us immediately. And I could tell you 5 other changes we are making at this very moment which is about to knock the socks off this bondsman and generate more phone calls than they have ever gotten on Adwords.


Here is my challenge to you. Test Us!

IF we cannot find ways that you should improve your Adwords account, then I will send you a $100 gift card to your choice of restaurant and you can have a night on us. You have NOTHING to lose and $100 to gain. : )

But if you do nothing, then just maybe there’s a $2846.15 mistake you aren’t even aware of.

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