how to advertise a bail bonds business

How to Advertise a Bail Bonds Business

5 years ago you could just list your bail bond business in the yellow pages and then you were set. Phone would ring and you could make quite a bit of money but today there is an entirely new method for getting the phone to ring.

Let me ask you:

What have you heard in the last 30 days for someone or you may have even used it?

“Google It”… or “Yellow page it”?

I know… I know…

Almost comical but if you look at some of the bail bond companies in your city you would think that you are hearing yellow page it.

Greg, owner of a bail bond company in Texas, had the same mentality when it came to advertising his bail bond business on the internet. He had tried the the paid ads route. Well, when I say he had tried, he had hired one of the big companies to manage it for him and as you expect the results were almost pathetic.

So when I approached the subject he was leery but I pushed and pushed and said, “Hey, let’s throw $500 at it and prove me wrong.”

So, $500 and 119 phone calls later, guess who was calling to ask me to turn it back on. : )

What would 119 phone calls in 10 days do for your bail bond business? Would it make a difference? How many of those calls could you convert as bonds? 10? 20?

Would it be worth $500 to get those calls? Uh… YEAH!

If you haven’t tested Adwords with us, then be like Greg… Give it a try! Let us work our magic and then watch the phone start ringing again. When you know what you’re doing, then paid traffic online can be the best traffic you’ll receive. Or you can put your full page in the yellow pages and sit and wait…