Know What Makes Your Phone Ring

(IF You Can’t Track It… You Can’t Measure It!)

Call Tracking, Recording, & Analytics


What is working? Internet Marketing? Billboards? Magazines? Yellow pages?
Guess what? Without tracking numbers, there is a good chance that you have NO idea.

I have clients that have several tracking numbers through our Call Whisperer platform. When they use ANY of the above marketing strategies, we use the numbers. At the end of the month, we review the calls. DID it work? If not, then you move on.

Ever get those sales calls? The ones where your subscription to some marketing is about to expire and they need you to renew for the next year. You don’t want to miss this great opportunity. If you don’t renew, you’ll lose your top position. And then your competitor could take it.

Should you renew? Should you not?

UNLESS you have tracked your phone calls, then you might as well flip a coin. You will have no idea what works and what doesn’t… But WHAT IF you could KNOW… without a doubt what is working. 

NOW… You Can!

  • Internet Call TrackingCallTrackingReporting
    • Google Adwords PPC
    • Yahoo & Bing PPC
    • Organic Search Results
    • Directory Websites
    • Facebook Pages
    • Yelp Page
  • Offline Call Tracking
    • Yellow Pages
    • Direct Mail
    • Newspaper Ads
    • TV/Radio Commercials
    • Flyers & Brochures
    • Billboards
  • Real-time Dashboard
    • Daily trends
    • Calls by call source
    • Answered vs. unanswered
    • Call duration
    • Call location
    • Individual call detail


Track phone calls from online paid advertising, organic search, your website, print and much more!
Recorded call to make it easier to review and improve customer service
Detailed real time web based call reporting
Whisper message, our system alerts you with a whisper when you are getting an incoming lead
Local phone numbers


IF you’re using our websites for your business… or just for running Adwords or other paid traffic, then you can even log into your website and see all this-


Can Your Adwords Management Company Provide That? NOPE!

Our Local Numbers Start at $19.95/month and this includes FREE minutes.
Give us a call today to get started!

(Let’s see… Less than $20 to know what marketing is working and what marketing is not… Hmmmm…;-)