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The only thing bail bond owners really want is more phone calls!

But it is becoming more and more apparent that Google is really pushing PAID Advertising as the key strategy to landing a spot on the first page.

In case you haven’t heard, Google will soon turn one of the 3 Local Listing spots into a “paid ad” spot (turning the “3-pack” into a “2-pack plus an ad”) – making it even MORE competitive for local search.

Bail Bondsman are starting to realize that if they want any chance of landing a piece of prime real estate on the search results pages, they will have to use Google AdWords (except for those who have strong organic SEO rankings, which most don’t).

Without a clearly VISIBLE online presence, you’re simply LOSING solid leads to other businesses…

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing is one of the fastest ways for bail bond businesses to connect with potential customers WHILE they’re actively searching for a bail bondsman.

But most of time, businesses have NO IDEA where to start – and those who have tried it simply jumped into it without any guidance… and lost their pants.

Quite naturally, most are making some critical mistakes that are causing them to lose a nice chunk of their marketing budgets while getting NO results.

With our Instant Customer Leads campaign, we place your bail bond ads at the top of desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices in your local area when people are searching for a business on Google.

We understand the PPC because we’ve spent over 4 million dollars of our OWN money to perfect it…  and our Google Certified managers know what search terms, landing pages and time of day give you the best results.

Our marketing doesn’t stop there, we continue to market to your visitors using banner ads across other websites they visit as they browse the internet.  We define this as online branding and this will increase traffic and strengthen your brand.

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